LED Furniture Hire - Terms & Conditions

1. Booking

  1. The availability of goods to any given customer cannot be guaranteed by LED Furniture Hire until a booking is confirmed.
  2. Booking is confirmed by both:
    • Cleared payment of the required deposit as minimum requirement.
    • Acceptance of LED Furniture Hire’s terms and conditions. Payment is also considered acceptance of LED Furniture Hire’s terms. These are available in numerous formats on request at any time.
  3. Cheques should be received by LED Furniture Hire at least 7 working days in advance of the event. When the cheque is cleared, your booking is confirmed.
  4. LED Furniture Hire can take no responsibility for the change of availability of the goods during the time before cleared payment.
  5. LED Furniture Hire reserves the right to decline acceptance of any payment method(s) at its own discretion. Likely examples of this are cash on collection or late requests to pay by cheque or invoice/purchase order.
  6. Quotes are valid for no more than 7 days. They may be withdrawn at any time. Only written quotes from a LED Furniture Hire representative may be honoured; telephone and other quotes and prices for services may be dismissed at our discretion.
  7. Full payment is due before delivery.
  8. All payments made by credit cards or American Express(AMEX) cards will incur a 2% surcharge.

2. Deposits
  1. All bookings require a refundable deposit to be held by LED Furniture Hire against damages, loss and cancellation unless otherwise agreed.
  2. LED Furniture Hire reserves the right to retain part or all of the deposit paid to cover loss, damage or cancellation - see cancellation section below.

3. Cancellation
  1. All cancellations by the hirer must be made in writing either via email or recorded post. Orders are not cancelled until this is has been received. (It is recommended you confirm our receipt of your cancellation by telephone).
  2. There is no charge if orders are cancelled no later than 7 days before hire start date. A full refund will be issued.
  3. 50% of the hire charge is refunded if orders are cancelled within 7 days of hire start date (up until 2 days prior to contract start date - see (3) (d)).
  4. 0% of the hire charge is refunded if orders are cancelled within 2 days of the hire start date. LED Furniture Hire will refund delivery costs at its disgression.
  5. Deposits are refunded if no hire takes place.
  6. Any reduction of order value by the hirer is treated as part cancellation and the rules and charges as outlined above apply.
  7. LED Furniture Hire reserves the right to cancel at anytime. (This would only occur in extreme circumstances, is a very rare occurrence and something we avoid at all costs.)

4. During Hire
  1. When a LED Furniture Hire representative delivers the goods to the agreed site / address, and until a LED Furniture Hire representative collects them, the goods are the sole responsibility of the hirer. Human error and damage in transit can occur. It is the responsibility of the hirer to check the goods on arrival and ensure that they are satisfied with the quantity and quality of goods delivered whilst the delivery team is still on site.
  2. Goods should be stored in the correct way to avoid damage – it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure they know how. (Ask us at any time.)
  3. Goods should be stored in secure, dry conditions. Negligence can result in loss and damage for which relevant charges defined by LED Furniture Hire apply.
  4. Goods should be returned in clean, dry condition or relevant charges defined by LED Furniture Hire apply.
  5. Hirers who choose to collect or return goods themselves must use vehicles suitable for this purpose including means of securing the goods safely. LED Furniture Hire reserves the right to refuse the release of hired goods to any customer without a suitable vehicle for the safe carriage of hired goods.
  6. LED Furniture Hire reserves the right to not leave goods with the hirer, if on delivery it is apparent the goods will not be kept safely or securely.
  7. Late returns of goods will incur full relevant hire fees, plus any costs in the instance where other customers are inconvenienced and/or compensated due to the hirer’s late return.
  8. The hired goods and equipment remain property of LED Furniture Hire at all times.

5. Damage/Loss
  1. There are charges for any items hired from LED Furniture Hire that are damaged or lost, the costs of which are available on request.
  2. Loss also includes, but is not limited to other costs incurred such as loss of staff time through labour, waiting, cleaning etc, inconvenience to other customers as a result of the hirer’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions and agreed hire start end times and other relevant details.

6. Refunds
  1. Deposit refunds are usually issued by the same means the funds are taken – if you pay by card, you will be refunded by card.
  2. We aim to process all refunds within 10 working days of the end of hire, though we cannot guarantee the time it takes to receive the money due to processing times at banks etc.
  3. The hirer should contact us if they have not received payment within 14 days of hire end, as something may have gone wrong.
  4. The same process applies to any other refund.

7. Refunds
  1. Customers are responsible for informing LED Furniture Hire of any relevant details for loading and unloading, such as parking restrictions, tolls, stairs, distance into building and any other limitations, prior to delivery. Customers will be held responsible for any tickets or costs LED Furniture Hire incurs due to failure to inform us, or any delays that happen as a consequence of a customer’s action or inaction. LED Furniture Hire may also refuse to deliver or collect in addition to charging, due to breach of any of these guidelines.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, delivery and collection will include:
    • Customers choice of an approximate, guide window of time as AM (usually 9am-noon) or PM (usually noon-5pm) on Weekdays, weekends may vary.
    • Delivery to the street level/ground floor within reasonable access (up to 10 meters from nearest available parking point) or up to 10 metres in to a building on the ground floor. Please note this may be reduced to narrow corridors and entry points, or if loading is hazardous.
    • Delivery to a single point where the goods may be held safely.
  3. Upon delivery or collection a LED Furniture Hire representative may even refuse to deliver or collect on the basis of the customer not informing LED Furniture Hire of the following:
    • taking of goods up or down any stairs, lifts or escalators. This includes both inside and outside.
    • Unfolding, setting out or folding and stacking any goods.
    • Cleaning.
    • Moving items belonging to a third party in order to gain access.
    • Specific time requirements.
    • Unscheduled waiting for access to a property for delivery or collection of goods.
  4. (The above are not included and are available as additional services, please enquire for specific information.)

8. If LED Furniture Hire is Late
  1. LED Furniture Hire will always endeavour to arrive as scheduled and has a strong track record for being on time. This may not always be possible due to traffic, weather conditions, issues with other jobs and any other delays. For this reason, LED Furniture Hire recommends scheduling delivery to a ‘safe’ time which allows for the worst to happen and your event to function with other arrangements. LED Furniture Hire can accept no responsibility for a customer’s failure to account for this matter and will not compensate beyond the value of any monies taken for any given job.
  2. If LED Furniture Hire is at fault and in breach of its agreement with the customer, we may refund partial or whole delivery fees. This will be based on how late we are and whether the customer had allowed sufficient time as per our guidelines to account for this.


Our Range, Specially selected by us for you..

We are extremely proud to offer our new range of LED furniture, hand-picked from the top manufacturers, by our experienced staff. LED furniture is becoming increasingly popular at events of all kinds in recent months.

Here at LED Furniture Hire London, we understand the importance of stocking top-quality furniture. We only offer the finest in the market, at the best prices, and in a wide range of stock, to ensure that your event is a success.

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We Are LED Furniture Hire..

Based in London, with multiple sites across the capital, we have been in the furniture hiring business for over 5 years. During this time we have supplied furniture for parties of 2 to upwards of 10,000. For us, every customer is an important individual and we strive to make sure that however large or small your event, it goes smoothly and without a hitch.

We are able to offer the most competitive prices as we buy all our stock in bulk, and then store it in warehouses over London. This means that at a moment’s notice, we can supply exactly what you require and can deliver it on that same day. We aim to take the strain out of hiring furniture because without a doubt, whatever problem you are facing, we have come up against it before and we already have the solution.

We also understand that requirements may change quickly, which is why we offer a flexible 7-day delivery service and collection service and a customer service telephone line which also operates for 7 days a week.

We always aim to go the extra mile with our customers, and challenges bring out the best in our customer service team. We work with your budget so that you get the best quote from us to fulfil your event’s requirements. We guarantee, when you hire from LED Furniture Hire London, you’ll get the best prices, the finest service, all delivered on time and in perfect condition.

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Want your wedding to stand out from all the others? Then LED furniture is a great way to add both colour, vibrancy and a contemporary feel to your special day. Pick and choose from our selection of top-quality LED furniture, whether you want a bar that stands out, seating that glows next to the dance floor, or simply a few centre-pieces on the tables, LED furniture makes your wedding extra-special.


LED furniture adds a cool vibe to any party. Adding LED furniture naturally elevates your party from the ordinary to the extraordinary. LED furniture is still quite new, and your guests will be thrilled to see our pieces lighting up your event. Our furniture can be used in any combination to make a statement. Mix and match our chairs and tables or keep it subtle with a few accessories.

Club Nights

If your club could do with a little extra vibrancy and energy, then consider hiring our LED furniture. Our LED pieces light up the darkest corners and are not only decorative, but functional too. Our cubes, plinths and poseur tables are particularly handy wherever you need to brighten up your venue and offer your guests somewhere for them to put down drinks.


Any celebration benefits from the addition of LED furniture. They get your guests talking, they add colour and light in a way not seen before, and they are both functional and comfortable. Hire as little or as many items you require. You’ll get the exact same excellent service from us.

Who Can Hire From Us?


Hiring LED Furniture from us really could not be easier. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we'll do what we can to meet those. When you hire LED Furniture from us you'll get whatever it takes to make your venue perfect..

Can you deliver?

Yes we can! LED Furniture Hire London delivers furniture to London and the surrounding Home Counties 7 days a week. We also collect the furniture you have hired on a day specifically chosen by you at your convenience. All our furniture is professionally cleaned, making sure that it is in pristine condition for your event.

Can I use the items outdoors?

Yes! All our LED furniture is suitable for use outdoors and inside. Our items are either IP65 or IP54 rated, which means that they can be used even in wet weather. And of course, as they are all battery operated, you do not have to worry about wires trailing around or finding plug sockets.

How can I order?

We have several ways that you can order from LED Furniture Hire London. Call us on our dedicated customer service line on 0203 141 3310.

Alternativley, contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page or email us directly on info@furniturehire.london

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